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Water is the number one input to the poultry industry, affecting birds' growth, efficiency, overall performance, and livability. 

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We will guide you! Our Water Decision Tree App will assess water quality-related risks and provide a customized risk mitigation report for your farm's unique requirements.


Peer-reviewed articles and blog posts


Watch videos of water treatment presentations and more


Learn about tools that can help you manage water quality in your farm

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The decision tree format gathers information about water through some questions. Based on the answers provided, recommendations are generated in each section, indicating what actions should be implemented. The protocols section links users to water quality information prepared by industry experts and video protocols on water management on poultry farms.

PIP Poultry Water App

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What people are telling us about the PIP Poultry Water App.

Producers who have water questions should be able to find the answer through this app. And it walks you through the steps. It is a good resource.

Jeff Notenbomer Broiler Breeder Farmer

I really like the layout and the thorough explanation of potential challenges. It is impressive how you are keeping it simple. This allows anyone to get a grip on their situation. Irrespective of their level of experience. Great work.

Art Van Zanten Sales and Service Representative at Hi-Pro Feeds

Super easy to use and practical, with additional links to get more info or the source of the information!

George Entz Broiler Producer

I think you have done a great job; the app has several steps, and it is very complete. I have simulated several scenarios and checked the results and recommendations. When used determinedly it will provide useful information.

Felipe Silva Poultry Specialist, Western Canada at Merck

Since each farm has a unique water supply and system, producers need a systematic decision process which that can lead them through understanding their specific issues and needs and provide them with the information and tools to make sound decisions. I highly recommend the PIP Poultry Water App to the poultry industry.

Dr. Susan Watkins Professor at University of Arkansas

10 years ago, we could only dream of having an application, in our hand, that would walk us through our own personal water issues and provide us with information and solutions as we stand there in the barn. This app is an invaluable tool for any grower that wants to advance their knowledge about and have possible solutions for their water systems.

Mary Foy Director of Technical Services with Proxy-Clean

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